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Who we are and what we do….

We are a full service ad placement & consulting company dedicated to employment advertising. Our beneficial advertising consultation services are centered on 20 years of mastering both print and internet media sources specific to recruitment.

We understand that our success depends on yours; and Pyramid Solutions has a proven ability to create custom-tailored advertising solutions that deliver results!

It is important to us to understand your company’s desired image and performance, and we integrate our talent and experience to create successful employment advertising strategies for our valued clients.

To ensure that your existing advertising dollars are maximized to deliver the best response, we are current with the latest available information and technology and share this with you to pass along the advantages. To ensure our clients’ targeted objective is achieved, we track all media distribution to further your success and ours.

Our valued client profile varies from the Fortune 500 to the smaller, independent business owner. No matter their scope, we have successfully saved them TIME and MONEY.

We make things easier…more convenient. Because we know that business does not adhere to the standard 9:00 am to 5:00 pm workday, Pyramid Solutions is available 24 hours EVERYDAY. We work with you for you. When you work with a particular media source, they are loyal to their company’s best interest. When you work with Pyramid Solutions, we are loyal to you. As your advertising company, we promote the sources that we know will work to deliver the best results for you.

We centralize all of your employment advertising efforts through one source…US. We do this to save you priceless time that you would normally spend contacting several sources, dealing with several different representatives, reiterating your positions’ ad copy, etc.

With Pyramid Solutions, there’s only “one Call…one Rep…one Invoice.” Our goal is to simplify your current employment advertising efforts while simultaneously strategize a system to add to your company’s bottom line.

Because we care about each and every one of our customers; at Pyramid Solutions, customer service is not just another 800 number to call and complain to.

We take customer service to a new level by offering more than the standard Christmas card mailed around the holidays for our customers.

  • One call to post all of your open position(s)
  • One Representative to handle ALL of your employment advertising
  • One INVOICE no matter how many sources you use
  • Adept GRAPHIC Design department to enhance your company image
  • We work WITH you FOR you...not for any ONE particular source
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